My Fictions​/​Aviator Split

by My Fictions/Aviator

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4 Song Split EP with My Fictions and Aviator.


released November 13, 2010

Tracked and mixed by Tyler Bradley
Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada recording studio in New Windsor, NY Album art by Adam Vass



all rights reserved


My Fictions Boston, Massachusetts

emotionally damaged bad boys

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Track Name: Kept Myself Awake
I've been racing this clock all night, the effort's there but nothing feels right if I can make myself believe it then I can make myself believe it'll be worth the pain one day in a made up world chasing my own dreams if I could find out what they were our stories end in the in between balance happiness and false misery regurgitate monotony I've been praying for ways to make this anxiety subside I haven't found an answer yet and I'm not sure what these hands are waiting for. And my hollow heart wants you to know if you love something you should let it grow because these flowers bloom in the strangest ways but we are scared of them and we can never stay but if I could just stay in my own head for the rest of my days I could write a book on how we're supposed to live name it regret and bury myself with it restless depression I'm seeking recession you know I'm good for it you know I'll be back soon you always were so right about me I knock on wood to fake this heartbeat I never wanted more than the chance to prove myself in the face of doubt, doubt was always there I can't say I never cared but I lost it somewhere I will remain afloat catching breaths of air in this ocean of identity I will live on as a host to these dreams I never wrote jumping fences hanging ropes I wish I did but I'll never know how to care for anyone except myself I can't support you I apologize
Track Name: Dreamt Myself an Architect Built Myself Some Walls
Am I even in your heart? Because if and when my life falls apart I could mold the shambles, just for your support if it would make the world feel right, you know I aim to please until I die I've got appearances to keep up
In every disappointing distance, there's a silent cry for help am I reading what you're thinking here, did you feel how far we fell? And I know my silence stings but we need to focus on other things just hold your posture, at least til we get home. Waiting for misery to return to me and in the lengthy lore of wanting more my passion, it slowly died but there's a lazarus for the rest of us if you could just speak up, let me in
if i can't answer my sins by name i'm doomed to make the same mistakes i scare myself out of these vagabond visions wandering aimless through catacomb incisions of my styrofoam cerebral, diastole dreams, the verbal excretion of a heartless expression i hope you're holding i hope you're happy i hope you hold god hard against your heart and he treats you like a friend
here is my question to you, are my paper thin problems less meaningful to the world if they aren't poured from a bottle because we go through different struggles but you say i've never felt pain; that pride it burns like a scarlet letter just with a little more shame but if you train your breath to inherit my name not every exhale would sting the same because i know you're so tired of feeling so fucking alone and when you wake up i'll never shy away again and we could cherish the ignorance if you're willing to forget