Merrill & The Lucinda

by My Fictions




Recorded December 2010-January 2011


released 15 January 2011

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Bradley
Album art by Bryan Carifio



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Merrill & The Lucinda
Set out for sea today, taking my drink in hand
And you’ll stay right here; I’m going to strike new land
They’ll name ships after me: Suburban Manifest Destiny
My life is a circle, but I’m sick of this comfortable static
I built a river for you and I fucking swam it too
But currents dragged me down and my spine is made of lead.
I wasn’t in myself you took me over well
And then god he struck me down and I washed up on the shore
I built you a raft with my limbs so you could leave here with a part of me
And when my blood inevitably stains your oars, just wash it off into the sea
Where is my love now? I hope it’s buried in the back of your thoughts like the darkest of dreams
Or is it wedged in between your lungs, holding together your seams?
I hope you find it, I hope you find it soon
Yeah I’ll build us a house, we’ll raise some fucked up kids
Why make our own dreams when we have everyone else’s?
Some songs, they fucking drown
But we won’t have to worry about that, will we?